About company

NPC-Games is indie game developer’s team, that was founded in 2011.
Our main specialization is cross-platform games; our focus is creating well-designed and fun projects.
We are open to business collaboration for any game projects.

Our Projects

  • VR Hockey: Reborn

    VR Hockey: Reborn

    VR Hockey is here. Meet one of the most realistic VR hockey experiences.

    VR Hockey Reborn was carefully created by a former hockey player. Our main goal is to create best experience for players who never tried play hockey, and to fit the requirements of all hockey players across the globe.

    Experiment with physics, feel the pleasure of the realism of puck possession, score goals in different ways.

    The game is also suitable for beginners in hockey. You can even play with one hand.

    -The feeling of being on the hockey rink
    -Attention to detail
    -Realistic puck possession physics
    -Tested by real hockey players

  • Sky Walker

    Sky Walker

    Partnership with iOSoftWorks.
    Project closed.

  • Battle Mages Amazon

    Battle Mages Amazon

    Prepare for a game with outstanding graphics, dozens of spells and hundreds of battles!

    Battle Mages is a game for those who are willing to test themselves in an ancient art of spellbinding. Take a role of a novice mage who claims a path of Fire, Ice and Arcane. The end of your education became a start of a new path, a path of vengeance and magic war.
    Become an acolyte of battle magic: study dozens of spells, enhance your skills and become the mightiest mage on the Continent.
    Realise your potential in a storyline campaign of 50 quests, multiplayer mode with PvP leagues all surrounded by stunning graphics and effects!

    Product Features:

    • First action collectible card game
    • Astonishing 3D world
    • Vast options of single and multiplayer
    • World of Battle Magic with dozens of various spells
    • Become the master of 3 elements and dominate the realm
  • Heap Zombies

    Heap Zombies

    Web action multiplayer topdown shooter
    Special for a10.com

    Link: http://games.npc-games.com/HeapZombies

  • Bubble Stars

    Bubble Stars

    OS Tizen Project special for Samsung and Step Games

    Shoot bubbles and match colors to pop.

    link: http://games.npc-games.com/ball_game/ (WebGL)

  • Star Splitter 3D

    Star Splitter 3D

    Patch 1.2 special for Step Games

    In fact, you – a mercenary, performing various tasks of the largest corporations and secret organizations, and from the jobs that you are a professional in the business and the words “can not” from you, no one does not want to hear. The game is entirely permeated everything that people had navydumyvat about space over the years, and then an alien invasion and the cosmic abyss and black holes, and the Rangers, asteroids, comets, clusters, infinite void, and more. You will find over 60 challenging missions, the ability to upgrade your spaceship and as a consequence – a huge number of gaming hours.

  • Dragon Blast

    Dragon Blast

    Dragon Blast is here!

    A cute physics puzzler from NPC-Games

    Defend your homeland from the ruthless viking warriors. You are the Dragon Mama and your family is in danger! Blast the Vikings with powerful fireballs and unlock intricate puzzles to proceed to the next area.


    • Beautiful hand drawn artwork
    • Curiously Challenging Puzzles
    • Great original music
    • Free to Play!
    • 3 level packs
    • 60 levels of increasing complexity
    • Journey across three continents: Europe, Ancient America, and China
  • DeepWar


    Disaster has struck on Earth.

    Huge meteorites have destroyed most of human civilization. Join a secret
    corporation whose base is located under the water.
    Become the commander of a high tech submarine and defeat under water
    enemies. Collect meteorite fragments to upgrade you ships weapons and
    shields. You are the last hope for humanity!

    Welcome to Deep War!

    • 8 Dangerous Levels to beat
    • Big explosions with physics that will tear enemies to shreds
    • Amazing 3d underwater scenery and lighting effects
    • Collect missiles and shield upgrades
    • Super Submarine!
    • Support for iPhone5 & iPad 3 Displays
    • Two types of control
    • Unpredictable Enemy AI

Games Development


Corporate info – Moscow, Russia, 129226, Prospekt Mira 131, office 3
Any questions contact – Email: info@npc-games.com

Support – Email: support@npc-games.com